Our Retired Bassets

Here you can view some of our retired Bassets All the photos below show their life whilst at Bromwylva. Often families who buy a puppy from us will put their names on our waiting list for a retired bitch or stud dog. This means that every one of our retired Bassets will go to a loving home with another Bromwylva Basset, with a family who have become our friends over the years. This way we can ensure that all our retired Bassets go on to live happy lives in loving homes. We of course keep in touch with them and will meet up as regularly as possible. 

Bromwylva Bucks Fizz - Bubbles

Bromwylva Lady Sybil - Sybil

Bromwylva Peanut Butter - Peanut

Bromwylva Be Back Soon - Bea

Bromwylva Crunchie Nut - Crunchie

Bromwylva Party Politics - Gladys


Bassbarr Fame is the Spur at Bromwylva - Georgie

Bassbarr Bardolino at Bromwylva - Billy

Bromwylva Snow White - Disney