A great deal of time and consideration is taken into account before we decide to mate any of our bitches. The bitch has to be the right age, in good health with no apparent faults, adhering to the breed standards as near as possible. We selectively choose a stud dog to complement an individual bitch. This has often meant travelling several hours to find the right stud dog for a particular bitch. We constantly research the breed in order to find healthy bloodlines to compliment our bitches.

All our puppies are born and brought up indoors with constant interaction with our family and normal household noises. They are wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age and are ready to leave us at 8 weeks. We make sure all of our puppies make their way to the right loving pet homes. We do not allow any of our puppies to be routinely bred from, this way we can protect our bloodlines and the bloodlines of any kennel whose stud dog we have used.  

Our puppies will be available for viewing from the age of three weeks and can then be reserved with a deposit. At the age of eight weeks they are ready for their new homes. All pups will have a pedigree name with the affix, 'Bromwylva' followed by a name chosen by ourselves. As with most breeders, we tend to use themes to name our puppies. This is their pedigree name only and often has no reflection on the pet name you choose yourselves. The following themes have been used so far in the naming of our puppies ;
Cluedo characters, herbs & spices, potato varieties, trees, cheeses, nicknames, Big Brother, nursery rhymes, shapes, Christmas songs, Monopoly, Grand National winners, James Bond movies, Dickens' Oliver Twist, Welsh mountains, cakes & biscuits, 1970's children's TV shows, nut varieties, champagnes, breakfast cereals, cocktails, Downton Abbey, apples, iconic games, Snowdonia cheeses, British Sitcoms of the 70's, American States, Beatrix Potter, Queen hit singles, Roald Dahl, Italy, famous couples, planets, Snow White & Seven Dwarfs, gemstones, all things 'Royal', wines, Disney characters, Carry On films, primary colours, Harry Potter......

All puppies leave us with a puppy sales contract, four generation pedigree, diet and health advice sheets, puppy pack including food and four weeks insurance with Petplan. They will also have been checked with a veterinary surgeon, will be wormed every two weeks from birth, have had their first vaccination and will be microchipped. Once you have reserved your puppy, a portfolio of his/her life can be built from birth. You will receive many photos weekly and will be sent a unique video, via a YouTube link of the whole litter, usually filmed just before they are ready to leave us. The video will often reflect the name of the litter as described in the paragraph above. Previous videos can be viewed in the 'Videos' menu.


Once you've reserved your puppy, you will be invited to join our Bromwylva Basset Facebook group where you can interact and keep in touch with all the other Bromwylva families. This is a private group and will allow you to see photos of your puppy's siblings and wider family, as they grow up in their new homes. You will also be in invited to the annual Bromwylva Basset Hound walk. This gives you the unique opportunity to meet the familiar faces you will have seen on the Facebook group - both human and canine! 

We will always be available should you need any advice throughout your puppy's life time.