Our Present Bassets

As reputable breeders we feel it imperative that any breeding bitch or stud dog, should have a fulfilled happy life, like any pet. You will therefore view many photos here with our dogs, past and present, enjoying holidays with us. Living in Llangollen gives us great scope for exploring local hills and mountains with our Bassets, which they love and expect on a regular basis!

We have four brood bitches - Bumble, Splash, Disney and Jelly.

Bromwylva Fat Bottomed Girl - Bumble d.o.b. 14.05.16

Bromwylva Snow White - Disney d.o.b. 27.04.18

Buckadoe Splash of Passion at Bromwylva - Splash d.o.b. 23.05.16

Bromwylva Royal Jelly - Jelly d.o.b. 05.05.19