Jessica Louise Hampton - Audlem

When you buy a Basset from Michele, not only are you about to fill your heart and home wth endless love and joy, you are invited to be part of the Bromwylva family! Michele's pups are always exceptional quality, I trust her implicitly with her advice and expertise of the breed. I have three Bromwylvas and they are all well socialised, with beautiful kind natures. The weekly updates of my pup were brilliant and a real highlight. The beautiful added touches like a video of them with their siblings just before they leave to their new homes, the option for a beautiful personalised blanket to take home with your pup. All in all a wonderful experience. And I'm sure I will be back for more!!

Beth & Lee Gainer - Cardiff 

We got our first Bromwylva pup, Dougie from Michele 8 years ago and wow, what a wonderful Basset he is! Our second pup, Monty from Michele is now 4 and just as gorgeous! We love them both so much. Michele is a first class Basset breeder, always available to offer advice when needed. We just love going to our annual Basset waddles that she organises every year to see all the Bromwylva family! We can honestly say that we would never want a Basset from anyone but Michele and her wonderful pack of Bassets! 

 Greg Madine - Ardrossan, North Ayrshire

After extensive research into Basset Hounds, we began searching for a suitable breeder. After receiving numerous suggestions from across the country, Michele and her Bromwylva Basset Hounds received consistently high praise and we were urged to approach Michele for our first foray into the world of Bassets. I am so glad we did and would not hesitate to recommend Bromwylva to anyone. Michele's knowledge and advice is second to none and puts you immediately at ease. After much communication, with many updates and photographs of our Basset pup, we were informed that indeed our Basset Hound was ready. After a family trip to Wales, LouLou came into our lives. Thus we were introduced into the daft and crazy world of the Basset Hound. Not only did our young family love having LouLou the Basset Hound in our home, but everyone who visited us loved her too. It's so easy. In fact, LouLou became very popular in the coastal town where we live and was loved by all…….humans and canines of all shapes and sizes alike. We attended a Bromwylva Basset Hound walk in Wales a couple of years later and it was fantastic to see Michele and indeed the Basset community. They were happy, happy times indeed with LouLou at the heart of it. That was the spring of 2007. In the winter of 2019, old age finally caught up with LouLou and she left us very quickly. She had been telling us that it was time for a couple of days. 11 years and 7 months of fantastic, happy memories. We miss her so much. We would not have met LouLou if it had not been for Michele and her Bromwylva Bassets and with this in mind we are indebted to Michele for her professionalism, down to earth approach and warm advice. When the time is right to jump with both feet into the crazy world of Basset Hounds once again, there is only one Basset Hound family that we would go to……Michele's. If you are thinking of getting a Basset Hound, talk to Michele, it will be the easiest decision you will ever make. Thank you Michele for the fun, the daftness, the love and 11 years 7 months of happy, simple memories.

Phillip Brookes - Tewkesbury

Baxter and Betsy (Royal Highness and Royal Flush) are now 8 months old and Michele continues to give the most valuable advice to me with regards to my two puppies. It is such a rarity in this day and age to find someone who continues to show the same enthusiasm, interest and care in the puppies, months after they have fled the nest. I knew I had made the correct decision when I chose Bromwylva Bassets for my two. See previous testimonial from myself on the reasoning for this. Eight months on and my admiration for everyone at Bromwylva has not lessened, in fact, it has become stronger. The entire experience from choosing my puppies to now, has been a privilege and a joy. I know that Michele is always there to offer advice when I need it. Thank you so much, not for just allowing me to have Baxter and Betsy, but for the continued support. However, I'm not surprised about this, it just confirms that Bromwylva Bassets is, in my opinion, the only breeder to consider if you are serious about being owned by a basset hound!

Phillip Brookes - Tewkesbury

 If you are serious about owning a quality Basset Hound, then let me save you hours of time searching the internet. Just contact Michele, at Bromwylva Bassets, and you will immediately understand why there is no need to go anywhere else. Bromwylva Bassets offer exceptional advice from the first point of contact to when you finally collect your puppy. That is of course if you meet Michele's high standards she sets and expects from potential owners. The quality and temperament of her Basset Hounds and the environment they live in, is second to none. That is why I had no hesitation in purchasing two puppies. Baxter, Betsy and me are now part of the Bromwylva family and when the puppies are old enough, we will look forward to taking part in the waddle! Having a puppy, from Michele at Bromwylva, is not just about the new family member, but about the whole experience. Professional, caring and supportive is what I expect from a breeder. Michele and her family exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Michele for allowing me to have two puppies. I feel very fortunate to have met you and your Basset Family. 

Joanne & Adrian Beesley - Lancashire

We would highly recommend Michele if you are considering a Basset Hound. She isn't just a breeder but clearly loves her dogs. We are so lucky to have Peanut and one of her offspring, Clyde. Clyde is now 17 months old, Peanut is 5 and they are both adorable, loving hounds, full of character! From when the puppies are born, Michele keeps you informed with weekly photos (which was the highlight of our week at the time!) and a video of the litter playing in the garden. We have met Michele and family since for dog walks and hope to be able to make the annual Bromwylva walk this year too. We'd have no hesitation in recommending Bromwylva Bassets. Thank you so much Michele, we are glad we found such a fantastic, caring breeder! 

James Phaure - Watford

I just want to say how much joy and love, you, your family and all your lovely Bassets have brought into the world. My life has completely changed for the better since I got Maggie. I honestly can't imagine life without her and I really want to add to the pack in time. I just wouldn't want to go to anyone else, you just inspire confidence. Even if I don't get in touch that much or post on Facebook, just knowing you're a phone call away is pretty amazing! The whole experience from the first time I read your website, your first email back, all the photos, the FB group, it's what every breeder should aspire to. I'm sure that's the way the vast majority of people who've come to you to add a Basset to their lives feel too!

Fiona Williamson - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

After my partner, Jamie convinced me to get a basset hound we started our journey into finding a top breeder. After finding Bromwylva Basset Hounds online and after speaking to Michele, it was one of the easiest decisions we have ever made. There was no way we weren’t going to get a Basset Hound from such a knowledgable, reputable breeder. She knows the breed inside out! Michele provided us with weekly pup-dates of our pups which was the highlight of our week. On the day we collected Dudley, Michele took into consideration that we had a 3.5hr journey back to Newcastle and put together some soaked food just incase he got restless on the way back. We couldn’t recommend Bromwylva Basset Hounds enough and in the future we will certainly be back for another! 

Liz Nelson - Reading

After we decided to get a basset hound, we started on our mission of finding a top quality breeder and found Michele at Bromwylva Basset Hounds – it was such an easy decision to buy a puppy from Michele! She seemed so knowledgeable and clearly had a great reputation - Michele certainly knows her basset hounds! Once we had chosen Dudley, we got weekly updates and photos which was amazing as we got to see him growing up and when he was 8 weeks old we started our journey to Llangollen to collect him! He was a little superstar all the way back in the car to Reading for 3 hours and we are so happy to have him as part of the family. Thank you Michele – I wouldn’t be feeling so confident with Dudley now if it wasn’t for your guidance and expertise!

Michelle Duberry - Peterborough 

We had our first Basset Hound from Michele in December and couldn't be happier, our Monty is just amazing. Michele was kind enough to keep me informed when a litter due, throughout we received pictures and updates on the puppies' progress which was a lovely addition as you could watch them develop. Michele ensured we knew about Bassets before we were able to take him, having background knowledge certainly helps, and if we had any questions, there was always help at hand. We've now had him for nearly 2 months, he's such a great character and a typical Basset! Thank you Michele for our gorgeous boy, he's an absolute joy. 

Patience & Carl Garton- Guernsey

“We lost our beloved basset hound Gertie to bone cancer at the very young age of 5 years old and found that life without a basset was simply not the same.  We started our search and found Michele through her website and her wonderful videos of previous litters clearly showing what beautiful and happy pups Bromwylva produced.  Michele kindly added us to her list and we were lucky enough to be offered a little girl from a litter. Communication from day one was amazing with weekly updates of lots of photos and videos of the pups growing up as well as lots of information.  We really felt like we had come to know Beatrix before we had even met her and, my goodness, what a beautiful, funny, happy pup she is.  She has a wonderful temperament and endured the lengthy journey from North Wales to Guernsey without batting an eyelid.  I would not hesitate to recommend Michele as not only a totally responsible breeder but also as someone who is clearly devoted to her own dogs as well as each and every puppy from her litters.  We are delighted to have been lucky enough to be welcomed into the Bromwylva family and it is so reassuring to know that we will always be able to contact Michele with any questions we may have.”

Amy Edwards - Nuneaton

‘We had been looking to welcome a dog into our lives for some time. When we met Michele on a coast path in Anglesey with her gorgeous Basset Hounds it felt like fate. From the start Michele was so helpful and kept us updated on future litters. We got numerous photos and videos which quickly became the highlight of our week. Michele kept us updated throughout and supported us as welcomed our little girl into our home. Michele made sure we knew everything we needed to move forwards. 

Halle has been such a loving little puppy which is a testament to Michele and the Bromwlyva family. We cannot wait to for the first doggie meet up walk!’ 

Sandra & Martin Hill - Strathaven

Just over 6 years ago we got our beautiful Bromwylva Basset, Minnie from Michele. But one Basset is never enough and, we decided to add to our family, we of course, contacted Michele. Sybil's pups were due in February and Martin and I, and of course Minnie went down to pick our new pup at the end of the month. We loved getting regular updates about the pups and had great fun picking out our new pup in the photographs, watching her and all her siblings grow. Last weekend we, at last, brought Bromwylva I'm Your Venus- Maisie - home and she is a delight. She is full of mischief, curiosity and is just a well socialised, confident puppy who has relaxed into her new home with Minnie. We were confident that any pup coming from Bromwylva would be a "top dog ". Michele is so knowledgeable and loves her Bassets. The care of the pups and their new owners is exceptional, from photographs to feeding and care plans. We cannot thank Michele enough for our fabulous Bromwylva Bassets, Minnie and Maisie, and are looking forward to the Scottish Basset Hound walk in August!

Julian and Lin Tripp - Dorset

We have owned Basset Hounds for over 12 years and after losing our eldest at the end of 2015, we wanted to trace the original breeder of his father, 'Minty'. To anyone else it would have seemed like we stalked Michele in the months leading up to us putting our name down for one, or possibly two, of her beautiful Bassets. From putting our name onto Michele's waiting list last April, through to pics of the expectant Mum, photos of the puppies and heaps of excellent updates and news about the litter, we could not find any fault what-so-ever in the way Michele handled the new additions to our family. We were so overwhelmed with our little Jeffrey when we first met him, that we decided to go with our original thought of having two puppies from the same litter. With Michele's help, we chose Elsie. Michele takes a lot of time 'matching' the parents for her new litters and this is evident in the puppies; they are well built and well adjusted and are complete blessings to our Basset family. Thank you Michele - we would certainly not go anywhere else for our next addition in the future. It's Bromwylva Bassets for us every time!

Rachel & Martin Finch - Gloucestershire

We have been lucky enough to have adopted two Bromwylva basset puppies, a year apart. Both of them are truly amazing. They have the sweetest temperaments of any dogs I have met. They are loving, friendly, and gentle dogs. Michele is an absolute god send as a breeder. She is always on hand to offer help and advice. Her relationship with us and the puppies doesn't end when we took them home. She genuinely loves and cares for every puppy she has helped bring into this world, and loves to get updates on them as they grow. 

Nicola Perrins - Walsall

I first met Michele and Bromwylva Bassets 12 years ago. We had our basset Daisy from her as a puppy. Daisy was a surprise for my 21st birthday and Michele helped my husband immensely throughout the process of getting Daisy and surprising me with her. She was perfect and the typical basset hound I had always wished for. Sadly we lost Daisy not long before her 12th birthday. Since then we have been in contact with Michele once again and had another puppy from her. Once again Michele was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. She always sent regular puppy updates and I felt she was completely in control of everything. Michele keeps in contact throughout the bassets life and Bromwylva Basset Hounds are like one big family. It is so lovely to keep in touch with all the other bassets and their owners and we have the chance to meet basset relatives on our annual walk. 

Our basset, Rosie is also perfect and I am forever grateful to Michele for bringing these two wonderful basset hounds into my life. I would only ever go to Michele for any basset hound needs and I was always strongly recommend her.

Rachel & Julie - Derbyshire

When we lost our much beloved basset girl, we were devastated.  We knew we wanted another basset, and so our search began. We came across Michele and Bromwylva, and were very impressed by the testimonials on her wonderful website. Making contact with Michele, we started the journey.  No questions went unanswered, and Michelle was so knowledgeable and patient with all of our enquiries. She made sure that we were the right fit for a Bromwylva puppy, and that our circumstances matched her high standards. We decided on a little boy, and when the litter arrived we had pictures and constant updates right through until we picked him up.  We felt part of the Bromwylva family from the start! We have a very healthy, beautiful little man, who has a wonderful temperament and a cheeky playful personality. We are smitten, and love him to bits. Thanks Michele and Jess and the Bromwylva family. 

Natalie Hancock - Newcastle Under Lyne 

Jonathon Edwards - Battersea

Having a dog for our family took a lot of research, after devising pros and cons of every breed imaginable (we actually had a graph!) We decided that a basset would be perfect. So off we went on a crazy internet search of a good breeder. We liked what we saw and read about Michele Rumsey and her amazing looking award winning Bassets. We were lucky enough to get to visit and choose Alfred. Michele was very patient with me as I was panicking that we would miss out! Every Monday she linked me into photos and updates. How she organised all those puppies for collection was beyond me! We had a welcome pack which had food and every bit of information you could think of about raising puppies. Michele even knew at what time I needed to take Alfred out after he had eaten, which after 5 weeks is still the same! Alfred has been the most amazing puppy, so relaxed and happy which I know is down to the way he has been handled by Michele. She is such a caring breeder that she organises walks for all of her Bassets that she has sold, she isn't the type to see her puppies as just a business they are family and we are so happy to now be a part of that family!

Monty (Columbus) was a surprise wedding gift for my fiancée so I needed to go through the process somewhat covertly. Michele was second to none in that regard and happily communicated with me under the radar to keep the surprise (which went down spectacularly). She kept me well informed with his progress with regular emails and offered some lovely extra touches, such as a personalised blanket which Monty loves and sleeps on every night. Thanks for all your help Michele, Monty is a wonderful bundle of joy who never ceases to entertain us! 

R & P Fallows - Frodsham

Constantine AKA Stan is our second puppy from Bromwylva following Hugo 10 years ago. Hugo has always been a healthy and happy dog and it very much looks like Stan will be the same, if not maybe better! Michele kept me up to date all through the process and even when plans for certain litters did not pan out I was kept updated with speed and honesty which was important to me. Bromwylva has got a great set up with all attached services which you would need for a puppy and particularly a owner of their first puppy. E-mail and picture updates through the process were shared with the whole family and our grown up children particularly enjoyed seeing Stan's progress as they are working all over the UK and so could still be involved even though it was remotely. On collection all went very smoothly, all documents etc are in total order and Stan came with all what we would need over the initial days, even though we are experienced dog owners and Stan has joined his brothers, two labradors and Hugo who is now an elderly gent and is taking great delight in teaching Stan the ways of the house. Stan appears to be a well balanced dog, is yet to put a foot out of place even though he is a puppy ! and that's what puppies do. Stan has a great appetite, has his mad hours annoying the other dogs but also then has his long sleeps through the evening and night. It might sound unusual to say this, but for any puppy owner it's important, the way Michele appears to raise the puppies in their early life seems to give them a routine, which Stan has stuck to. Stan has slept through each and every night since we have had him and has never messed his crate. Maybe we have been lucky but we had the same experience with Hugo 10 years ago and, in my view, it's about the initial days of the puppies life that puts this in place and makes the life of a new puppy owner much easier.

Fibi Bibi - Northampton

I saw a Bromwylva litter of Puppies on a friend's news feed and commented how I would love a pup for my 18 month Basset. Michele replied, saying it could be arranged, so the seed was sown. I asked for a boy, as I tend to favour them. I had been told by another breeder that I couldn't go wrong with a Bromwylva Puppy. When the next litter was born, there were only two boys, and Michele said she would see if anyone on the "Boy list" would have a girl, so I could have a boy, however, I had fallen in love with the back view of a little Mahogany girl, so my wish for a boy went out the window completely. While waiting for my bundle of Basset joy, Michele gave regular updates and posted weekly pictures of the pups. It was wonderful to be able to follow her progression, and see her changing. I had a logistics problem, I couldn't travel to pick up my puppy, Michele went above and beyond to help me, she arranged for someone, who lived closer to me, to pick up my puppy at the time they collected theirs, so I wouldn't have the worry of trying to find a way to get her. My Puppy arrived and I was overjoyed, she was just perfect. I am disabled and in a wheelchair full time, so I needed a puppy who could adapt to my life, with no fear of equipment and able to cope well with Carers coming in and out all day. I am an experienced Basset Mumma, I've had Basset Hounds for over 33 years, and know the breed well, for me, training is usually pretty standard. This little girl surprised me, she'd mastered toilet training in 2 days, unbelievable. She is the smartest, funniest, most beautiful Basset I have ever owned, filled with affection, so very eager to please and very quick to learn, she is simply the best. From day 1, she and my Boy have been inseparable, she has brought so much joy to our family, even my cat fell in love with her. Athena, (Bromwylva Puddle Duck), is everything I could have hoped for and far, far, more.

Chris & Sue - South Gloucestershire

Setting out to find a sister and playmate for our wonderful, placid Basset Reg and his less than placid brother 'Bertie big bear' ( who doesn't do playing, thank you very much) seemed like a daunting task; a task that suddenly got a lot easier when a friend of our daughter, who has a Bromwylva Basset, gave us Michele's details. After a lot of research, checking Bromwylva out, we contacted Michele to see if she could help us in our quest.. Michele responded very quickly, and checked us out, ensuring that we met her exacting standards! The result,  we are now the very proud Adopters (gushing parents) of  Bromwylva 'carry on at your own convenience' or Mabel the marvellous as we call her; A beautiful, bright as a button, whirling dervish of a pup who loves her cuddles and playing with Reg. At the time of writing, Mabel is just shy of 12 weeks old, and her character is still developing, but we can tell she is going to be a perfect addition to our expanding Basset waistline, its a case of me and my shadow in our household.
From the moment we got in contact, Michele kept us up to date on events, put up with my constant e mails and sense of humour, and once Mabel was born, sent us regular updates , photos and videos of Mabel and her siblings progress. As others have testified, you  don't just purchase a Basset, you become part of the Bromwylva family. Michele enjoys being kept updated on Mabel's progress, she has even persuaded us to sign up to the Bromwylva Facebook group, and we can't wait to join in the next Basset waddle and meet other Browylvees. It is clearly obvious that Michele cares passionately about her puppies and their welfare, and we have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is serious about adopting a Basset, as indeed we have already.

Victoria Mary Aspey - Wirral

Sara Jacob - Leamington Spa

Well what can I say! Michele is amazing. The care she gives to the dogs and us buyers is nothing short of the best. Lola is our 3rd Bromwylva Basset. I found Michele on the internet and she had fantastic reviews and reputation. We have Sadie who is 2 in March and Amber who sadly didn't make it home. She died suddenly at 6 weeks old and Michele went out of her way to help me in any way possible. Of course another breeder wasn't an option though as only a Bromwylva would do. Michele assured I had first pick and once again she was exceptional with the advice and help she gave. Lola is well worth the wait. Bromwylva Bassets stand out a mile from any others and Lola is my world. On choosing Lola, Michele was wonderful, welcoming with lots of advice. On picking Lola up at 8 weeks old Michele was most accommodating and welcoming. Lola came with lots of info and her food and insurance. It doesn't end there though. Michele is always there for us. She has become a wonderful friend and she is there whenever I need advice. She puts on a yearly walk which we look forward to every year. One thing that will always stick in my mind is the weekly photos. Without fail every week we had gorgeous photos sent to us. And not just one! Something I like to continue so Michele can see how she grows. Michele is my hero. She helped so much easing my pain over my old girl Mollie. Then was very sensitive and caring over Amber. Not forgetting when mum got Sadie after losing Megan so young. I would never go to anyone else for a basset. Neither would my mum!! Thanks so so much Michele from the bottom of my heart xxxxxx

We'd previously owned a basset but after losing Bertie after 12 years we under estimated how difficult it was to find another reputable breeder. Well that was until we stumbled across the Bromwylva Instagram page, and that was where our journey began.
From the outset Michele was helpful, personable and professional. We immediately had confidence in her integrity and patiently waited for our wonderful little Stanley. Michele even made this process enjoyable by frequently keeping in touch and sharing pictures and videos. Her organisation on the day of collection was outstanding, particularly due to Wales remaining in Covid19 lockdown, she explained the KC and licensing rules on collection in detail. 
She's already become an extended member of our family sharing helpful information and keeping in touch. We're sad that there can't be an annual walk this year but we'll be there from 2021 and would encourage you to acquire your next basset from Michele and join us!

Alyson & Lauren - Carmarthenshire

Alison Ewen - Fife

Michele is a very supportive breeder. From the moment the puppies were born we had regular updates and excitedly looked forward to seeing their development. We felt privileged to be included so much. We have had five Basset Hounds over the years but not experienced the luxury of such involvement before - this was really special to us. At 3 weeks we met the puppies, together with proud mother Sybil - what a wonderful sight this was. We are now the proud owners of Wilma and Scooby and couldn't be happier. Michele is quick to respond and no question is too much trouble. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Michele as a superb breeder. Thank you Michele for giving us this wonderful opportunity and for bringing so much love into our lives.
Alyson and Lauren 

We just wanted to say a few words about our experience on acquiring our puppy from Michele Rumsey . The journey from initial enquiry to pick up home coming day could not have gone more pleasant and smoothly . We especially liked the way we were kept informed from the birth of our puppy with daily /weekly updates on his progress. Our puppy is happy /healthy and full of confidence and although we have not needed to ask, we're sure support /guidance would be gladly offered if required. We are very happy and would recommend this breeder and look forward to attending the annual Bromwylva Basset walk .

Miriam McDade - Ayrshire

John McLaughlin - Aberdeen

Dear Michele, Our first experience with Duncan and Campbell was of the wonderful and regular pictures you sent after our purchase and before we took them home. We couldn't wait to see them in real life and they didn't disappoint! When we visited your home to take them to ours we were struck by the happy playfulness of their environment but I have to say a bit wary of the size of dad-of course now we think nothing of our grown up boys & how handsome they are. Every day we get compliments of how beautiful they are, heads turn & drivers can't be safe as they pour over them! They are quite inseparable, play, mostly with good grace and entwine together at night in poses you wouldn't believe. They are true Bassets, getting wrinkly, sometimes stubborn & have their own personalities. We love them..

Hi Michele, just wanted to say......have loved the companionship which the Bromwylva Basset hounds have given to me and my family. Perfect temperament as well as being very loving and funny..full of character! Thank you for your help with our queries and your sound advice when we needed it, you're very approachable and that helps even when we think our question is silly. I'd have no trouble recommending your Bassets to other people, sensibly and thoughtfully bred..an absolute delight.

Charlotte & Neil Blythin - Flintshire

We have been blessed with 3 beautiful Bromwylva boys over the last 11 years. When you bring a Bromwylva into your family you also become part of the massive Bromwylva family, and it’s amazing. 

Michele gives the best care to the puppies and their mums and she is brilliant with all of the new owners too, offering advice not only before you bring them home, but she is always there for us afterwards. We enjoy meeting up on the Bromwylva Walks and seeing all of the other owners and Bromwylva dogs. I would honestly never go to anyone else for our puppies. Thanks for giving us our beautiful boys. 

Emma Boden - Stoke-On-Trent

We bought our first Basset Hound Wilf from Michele Rumsey in 2006 after seeing that she was on the list of recommended breeders on the Basset Hound Society website. We contacted her and after a thorough vetting process by Michele, she offered us a puppy from her litter. From the first day of visiting and selecting Wilf, she was supportive and kept us updated on his progress up to the day that we could finally collect him. She welcomed updates and photos from us and was always on hand if we needed any advice. We were so happy that 3 years later, we welcomed our second Basset Millie off Michele. Again, a superior service was delivered. As we write this, Wilf now 11 and Millie now 8 are sleeping soundly at our feet. Both are happy, healthy and the love of our lives. They are great with my friend's children and are loved by everyone who knows them. They enjoy their holidays back with Michele when we go away and the annual Bromwylva walk is pure testament to the fantastic breeder that she is when you see lots of other satisfied Basset owners and their gorgeous hounds. Anyone looking for a Basset Hound should look no further than a Bromwylva babe. We honestly can't thank Michele enough.

Sarah Bradshaw - Cardiff

I approached Michele in January 2016 to place myself on her puppy waiting list, and in July I came home with Bromwylva Somebody To Love (Betty). Michele kept me updated throughout from pregnancy to birth, followed by weekly updates and photos of the pup's progress. I loved the updates and it was wonderful to feel included in watching Betty grow with her mum and litter. Michele was really welcoming when I made the (long!) journey to finally meet Betty, and I knew instantly I had made the right choice in breeder. When it came time to bring Betty home, Michele provided a puppy pack which included everything we needed to ensure Betty was well cared for. Betty's first visit to the vet brought a very premature conversation around getting Betty spayed, and I was concerned about her being too young. I asked Michele for advice and she reassured me that my gut instinct was right. Betty has grown into the most friendly, confident, loving hound. She treats every animal and person as her best friend, has every person who meets her wrapped around her paw - and nobody tells you about their comical personality! Betty has brought so much joy and laughter into my family - she's the most perfect addition and my only regret is that I didn't approach Michele sooner.

Jayne Saxby - Sheffield

We are over the moon with our Bromwylva Basset that we named Floyd, he is a picture of health and so full of confidence, I would recommend Bromwylva to anyone looking to own a Basset. The love and care Michele provides for her dogs is proof in the puppies. After our last basset passed away I needed to fill the huge hole in our hearts and so started searching online, Michele was highly recommended to us by another breeder and from the first email to picking our pup at 3 wks old and then receiving the weekly updates to bringing him home at 8 wks is all done in a really friendly professional manner. From the moment we got home he strutted in with his tail in the air and had us wrapped around his little paws, although we have not had to, it's reassuring to know that Michele would be right there to answer any queries. The only problem I have found is fighting the urge to have another, I can't wait to meet up with everyone on the annual Bromwylva walk.

Kerry & Peter Skinley - Liverpool

We lost our 12 year old basset "Sav" last year and decided that now was the right time to search for another basset to complete our family. We came across Michele's website and contacted her. Michele has been brilliant! From that first contact with Michele to puppy pick up day, she has sent us weekly pictures and updates of our new pup and was always on hand for any questions we had. Our new pup "Stanley" is just adorable, with his huge paws and soppy eyes that melt your heart! I would highly recommend Michele if you are looking for a basset. Her great wealth of knowledge and tips, plus the love and care she shows for her dogs is incredible. I know we've made a friend for life and we will certainly be attending Michele's yearly "basset walk" she arranges for all the dogs she has had over the years. It's amazing how she remembers each and every one!!!

Thank you Michele for making our family complete again x

Gemma Bonnett - Peterborough

R & K Cracknell - Loggerheads

We took a long time to decide to have a dog join our home and once decided it was then the task of choosing the right breed... after careful consideration a Bassett was selected. The next and most exciting part was finding a breeder, we spoke with the kennel club and breeders via the KC website to find and identify the right breeder for us, at the same time we saw an advert on pets4homes from Michele. Rightly so before a phone call and interest, Michele wanted an email about our family. We were very happy to provide this and just this showed that only the right owners would be considered. I cannot express how pleased excited and fulfilled we are with our Bromwylva Basset. A true reflection of the breed and worth the wait. Michele is a trusted, experienced breeder and all of her Bassets are stunning both in looks and temperament. Our little girl (who will still be our little girl no matter how).

Hestia is the 4th dog we have had from Michele, (2 puppies and 2 older dogs). It was great getting weekly photos to watch her growing before she came to us. All the dogs have had the most wonderful gentle natures.

Jenny Hughes - Flintshire

I'd previously had a Bromwylva puppy from Michele from her first litter. Reverend Green (Godfrey) was one of the most placid dogs I've ever owned. Humphrey - (Uncle Oswald) is a very happy, outgoing, vocal , young man. He has settled into my home very well and gets along with my Labrador Ruby. He is a good eater, house training is nearly complete and he's very lovable. Everything you could expect from a Bromwylva puppy. I first saw him at three weeks old and had regular updates till he was eight weeks old from Michele regarding his progress.

Alison, Steve & Benjamin Cooper -  Hawarden

A BIG word of thanks for Michele…Back in 2003, we were extremely fortunate to become the proud 'parents' of 'Maud', Bromwylva Ginger Spice and full sister to 'Minty', Champion hound from Lady's award-winning February litter. Maud filled our lives with love, fun and companionship for nearly 15 years. What a character she was; in every sense of the word. Maud enjoyed the annual Basset walks and her annual holidays to Anglesey and Aberdaron. Losing her was like losing our soulmate. In her honour (and because the thought of life without a Basset doesn't bear thinking about!), we've recently bought another young pup from Michele, an adorable and cheeky bundle of joy called Bromwylva Nellie Neptune, or 'Nellie' for short. 'Nellie' is just 9 weeks old and so has only lived with us for a week and yet it's like 'Maud' has left her a list of notes of dos and don'ts. She sits in the same spots in the house and garden, eats her food with gusto, sleeps soundly at night and oozes personality. She's even picked up toilet training! Don't get me wrong, a Basset Hound is not for everyone. They're as stubborn as mules, have selective hearing, a tendency for being lazy and will eat you out of house and home if you let them. But if you've done your homework and want a genuine pal for life, a dog that's terrific with children, placid, gentle and has the most amazing expressive eyes, big, chunky feet and a long, wagging tail, then there's simply no other breed. Similarly, there's no better breeder than Michele, someone we originally found through personal recommendation and over the years have become good friends. Michele is like a human encyclopaedia on Basset Hounds and shows so much respect and love for the breed. If you're considering becoming a proud Basset Hound 'parent' like us, do contact Michele!  

Mandy & Martin Mills - Salisbury

Once I had made the decision to get another Basset, the mammoth task of finding a decent, trustworthy breeder started. We didn't have to look too hard, as my daughter found Bromwylva Bassets. We researched the previous litters, looked at other testimonials and contacted Michele. Right from that initial email all the way through the adoption process, we have had pictures, videos and updates on all of the Bassets that have come from there. We travelled to visit the family (and hounds) and found everyone to be friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy. We now belong to a 9 week old mini tornado who is just amazing!!!

Thank you to Michele and family for our amazing boy.... and who knows in the future, he may get a sibling!!!!

Julia Turner - Essex

I have had 10 Gorgeous Bromwylva Basset Hounds from Michele they all have wonderful temperaments and if you need to ask anything Michele is always there for you. Michele is also a good friend, Bromwylvas are the best.

Lindy Calvin-Thomas - Manchester

Bromwylva Bassets are truly impressive dogs. They have been bred for their wonderful temperament, dogs that are loving, full of fun and give endless pleasure to any lucky owner. Michele breeds her puppies in the best way possible, in a caring and loving environment. She cares deeply about her puppies, giving advice anytime of day or night...she organises a Bromwylva walk every year where all the owners can get together and "compare notes". Anyone who has a puppy from Michele is sincerely a very lucky person. When I am ready for my next Basset I know where I will go..

Alysia Schofield - Gloucestershire

Buying a new member of the family was a massive decision. After a lot of research, I was so excited to see a puppy from the very well know breeder and long blood line of Bromwylva. Looking at their website I was very impressed and excited. Talking with Michele, I felt like I was in good hands. I fell in love instantly with Vanilla and couldn't wait to meet her. Michele answered all my questions and sent me photos every week of Vanilla until we were able to pick her up. We got a bag of her food to go with her and all the paperwork and certificates. Vanilla has been the best and most wonderful puppy. She has a superb energy to her, and she just loves to be loved. I couldn't be happier with her and can't love her enough! Best decision I've ever made!

Rachel & Neil Wilson - Suffolk

We would just like to thank you for our new family member Hugo. He has really settled down and Hugo is a very handsome loving basset hound puppy. From the first email to Michele regarding the puppies I knew everything felt right. We got to pick Hugo at 3 weeks of age and we felt very welcome in her home. From then we received weekly photos and a video. Michele made it feel so special. After a long 5 weeks wait we got to take Hugo home. He has been great round the house and his toilet training has been outstanding. He is so laid back. Everyone says how well he looks. I would highly recommend a Bromwylva Basset Hound and hopefully we will have the honour in the future to be able to have another. Really looking forward to the Basset Walks! Thank you so much

Charlotte and Scott Gray - Bromsgrove

Welcoming a Bromwylva Basset to our family has been our highlight of 2016. We have a pup that has fitted into family life with ease. He's calm but characterful, confident but considered. He eats well, sleeps well and travels well. He plays nicely, looks handsome and has a coat that feels like velvet. He's social but loyal (he looks out for us like we're the best thing ever) and has won the affections of our family, friends, their children and our older Basset. His start in life was second to none. Michele is quite simply an expert breeder of Basset hounds. She is also warm, friendly and welcoming. If you visit you will find she cares for the pups in the heart of her home. The joy of regular photographs (and even a video) together with news of how he was growing and his new experiences (including a holiday!) has meant we truly feel we have known our pup since we first met him at 3 weeks old. We feel very lucky to have a Bromwylva Basset and without hesitation we would recommend one to anyone with a love and understanding of the breed. To us, our Bromwylva Basset and his breeder are the best of the best!

Chris & Simon Rowley - Leicestershire

After months of trawling the internet for a breeder we felt happy with, we stumbled across Michele at Bromwylva. We arranged to meet her latest litter of Puppies, we were very specific with what we wanted and upon arrival we instantly felt at ease, it was as if Dottie our beautiful basset had been bred especially for us. We then received weekly updates from Michele with pictures, including our 8 week final photo that included the whole motley crew! We couldn't be happier with our adorable puppy Dottie, and would highly recommend A Bromwylva Basset from Michele, this breeder offers a first class service and that is proven in the beautiful dogs that she breeds.

Ena Parkinson - Chester

I bought my second basset hector from Michele, she was recommended to me by someone in the basset club organisation as I wanted only a home reared puppy. Hector is a truly beautiful basset very indicative of the quality Michele breeds. Our hounds' temperaments are fashioned by many things but a good start in life and nurturing from day one is vital. Hector had that and without that start he would not be the very special Basset he has grown into.

Vickie & Andy - Surrey

My husband and I had wanted to add a dog to our family for such a long time but the timing was never right with our hours of work. However, Andy now works from home permanently so the decision was made that we would start to look for a breeder. Andy had had a Basset Hound as his family dog when he was younger so already loved the breed and that love soon grew on me. We both agreed that we would take our time in finding the right breeder that we both liked and we knew that we could trust and build a relationship with. Sadly in our search we did come across some very greedy, uncaring people that were just interested in making money. But then came along Jessica Hampton who even after the first couple of conversations we both knew she was the one. Jess explained that she worked very closely with Michele who had many many years of experience with her Bromwylva bassets. The experience from start to finish has been 5*. The communication, between us has been fantastic. 

Once we knew mum (Effy) was pregnant it all became very real and our excitement grew. Our beautiful Molly along with her other 8 siblings and were born 9/6/22  and we were finally Basset Pawrents. On our first meeting I fell instantly in love with Molly and knew she would change our lives for the better. Having only ever spoken to Michele and Jess on the phone it was so lovely to finally meet them face to face. Their passion for Bassets is just beautiful. Michele's experience and knowledge is outstanding and this shows in her breeding. All questions were answered and any concerns were soon ironed out. Thursday's mornings became my favourite day of the week because that was when we received our pupdates. Each week we would get to see photos and videos of how our pup was growing and what an amazing mum Effy was. We brought Molly home 4/8/22. We were nervous about the long drive from Cheshire down to Surrey but we really didn't need to be, Molly was such a good girl in the car, she never cried and slept for the majority of the journey. We are now on day 6 of having Molly in our lives and she has just been a little ray of sunshine. Molly is such a chilled out pup who is already sleeping through the night. We cannot thank Michele enough in trusting us to take care of one of her amazing Bromwylva pups. "Bromwylva Yorkshire Tart" - Molly is one very special Basset Hound. 

Sarah & Nuno - Jersey

Molly (Red Red Wine) has been with us for only two weeks and has settled in amazingly. She is a beautiful hound with a very loving personality. Michele has been so helpful throughout the whole process of getting Molly and continues to be there for advice when needed. Michele provided regular updates, photos and videos of Molly during her first 8 weeks and it was very clear that Molly was being very well cared for and she was getting the best possible start in life. We love the Bromwylva facebook page where everyone posts updates of their basset hounds. It is wonderful to see Molly’s other relatives on there, we really feel part of the Bromwylva family. When we get another basset hound in the future, we will definitely be getting one from Michele.

Kirsten Storrie- Huddersfield

We were recommended Michele to us through someone in the Basset Hound group we are part of. I have to say that from the start she was very approachable and I could tell that she wasn't just a breeder but loved her dogs too. To cut a long story short.. As of yesterday we are the proud owners of not just one gorgeous basset but two!! Two beautiful boys. Chunky, long ears, enormous paws and lots of loose skin. Just how I like them. We have two rescue bassets already and when we went to choose our boy, we just had to have two. I wouldn't even think of going elsewhere to buy a puppy, I was very impressed that we received updates and pictures weekly and a lovely video of all the litter at 8 weeks. Michele is a lovely lady, professional and knowledgeable, she also produces beautiful puppies. She is not just an acquaintance now but a life long friend too, the after care and advice she gives is very helpful and she is always there if you need her too. Thank you Michele my dream has come true and I couldn't have wished to have met such a lovely lady who breeds such perfect and lovely natured puppies. 

Rachel Finch - Gloucestershire

My husband and I have a ten year old Basset and were hoping to get him a brother. We found Bromwylva Bassets through the Kennel Club, and then spent time researching them. We loved the Facebook group, and the fact that Michele keeps a very active interest in all the puppies that she breeds. She cares about all of them long after they have moved to their new homes. We were lucky enough to be selected to adopt Busby (Bromwylva Aladdin) from Disney's May 2020 litter. He has a wonderful temperament, and is so sweet. He is the perfect addition to our family.