Bromwylva Basset Hounds 

Est. 2001

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Bromwylva Bassets, established in 2001, are licensed breeders of quality Basset Hounds. Based in the beautiful vale of Llangollen, North Wales. 


The photos below show Lady, our very first Basset, we thank her for the wonderful legacy she has left in her sad absence.


12.11.99 - 04.10.10

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Our affix "Bromwylva" evolves from the local country estate of Bronwylfa near Wrexham N Wales.  This is where we lived, when we introduced our first Basset in January 2000.

We researched the breed in great detail eventually finding an excellent breeder with over 35 years experience in showing and breeding of Bassets. We feel privileged that we found  a pup with good sound temperament and excellent conformation which was essential, if we were to eventually have a litter from her. Little did we know that at the age of 8 weeks when we picked her that she would go on to win Top Brood Bitch UK 2004, 2008 & 2009 with her stunning progeny. 

In February 2003, Lady produced a lovely litter. One of those pups, Minty, also known as Champion Bromwylva Imperial Mint Of Dereheath went on to make a very big name for himself. Minty joined the 'Dereheath' kennel and qualified as a champion at just 15 months old! Minty went on to win many more CCs and RCCs. He won Best Of Breed at Crufts in 2010. Minty's full brother, Angus, is New Zealand Champion Bromwylva Oregano The Great. Many thanks to Lynn Bevan, Jackie and Chris Dale for campaigning him so well. 

With the profound success of Minty, Lady and other puppies we  bred, we won Runner Up Breeder Of The Year UK 2004, and Top Breeders UK 2008 & 2009, a great achievement we feel in a relatively short time. 




  • Best Of Breed Crufts 2010 ;  Champion Bromwylva Imperial Mint at Dereheath.

  • Breeders of UK Champion and New Zealand Champion.

  • UK Top Basset Hound Club Breeder Of The Year 2008 & 2009

  • UK Runner up Basset Hound Club Breeder Of The Year 2004

  • Breeders of Top Basset Hound UK 2004, 2008 & 2009

We no longer show our Basset Hounds, although many are of show standard. We enjoy seeing the majority of our puppies make their way to loving pet homes.