Home Needed

TWO MALES NEEDING NEW HOME - photos are recent.

One of the boys from a litter I bred, born 24.04.13, Dylan, along with another male the same age (not a Bromwylva) are looking for a new home. The dogs will turn nine this April and must stay together. Being re-homed only due to the owner's ill health, this decision which is right for the boys is devaststaing for the owner. Dyaln and Bentley are used to lots of open spaces, living in a country framhouse all their lives. In terms of medical history, I am told that Dylan has been fine apart from a couple of tummy upsets, Bentley suffered from the usual growing pains often seen in male Bassets, he had some treatment in his early life, been fine since. If you feel you are the right family or know of a family who can give the boys the home they deserve, please contact michele.rumsey@hotmail.co.uk  Please let me know your home circumstances, any experience with Bassets, working hours and the environment you live in. Thank you.